Carrie Seay, Owner,  CBCC-KA, MS-CABAC

Feline Behavior Consultant, Nutrition Counselor, Fear Free Certified Professional

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Our Approach

Our Story

Carrie is a native of Arizona and grew up in nearby Scottsdale. Her love for animals began at an early age when she spent her free time volunteering and fostering stray and feral cats. Her diverse training was built from the ground up working in pet stores, as a kennel attendant, and in a pet day care.

Carrie earned her bachelor’s degree in biology and spent five years as a veterinary technician. She went on to earn her Masters’ Degree in Companion Animal Behavior Analysis and Consulting. Seeing a need for services specifically focused on cats, she used her experience and education to open her firm, Purrfect Behavior Solutions.  Carrie also owns a well established professional cat sitting company, Carrie Pawpins.

Carrie also holds a CBCC-KA certification. When she’s not helping other pet owners or conducting educational seminars, Carrie spends quality time with her two cats.

My Love of Cats

I love cats! These extraordinary creatures have an amazing history in the story of humankind. Once revered as deities and royalty and ancestors of the mighty game cats that still walk the wilds, today’s domestic cat is a fascinating and loyal companion and family member.

Unfortunately, they are often misunderstood, and those misunderstanding can lead to all types of mental and physical problems for these mini kings and queens of the jungle.

My mission at Purrfect Behavior Solutions is to help cat parents clear up those misconceptions and train and care for their pet to ensure healthy and loving companionship. I don’t believe all the training, and special attention belongs just to dogs (although I love them too).

My approach is to provide affordable services and products that help my clients create the best loving home and relationship with their feline friends. I believe in a personalized approach that starts with an understanding of my client’s concerns, their goals, and the environment in which the changes need to occur.

In short, my objective is to provide advice and training that works for my client’s specific needs and to help them understand why my advice works, how it works, and how to correctly implement it for their situation.

I love cats, and I want to help you raise and enjoy your pet.

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