Cat Training & Behavior Modification

Contrary to popular myth, cats can be trained and unwanted behaviors can be effectively and safely eliminated through the correct process. There is no reason to endure your cat’s improper or damaging behaviors. In fact, proper training not only makes you a happier pet owner, training will make your cat happier and healthier too.

Purrfect Behavior Solutions can help you train your cat out of these unwanted behaviors. Some areas that Carrie can help with: 

  • Inappropriate Elimination
  • Scratching & Destructive Behaviors
  • Attention Seeking Behavior
  • Shy/Fearfulness
  • New Pet Introductions
  • Kitten Socialization

How it Works:

Purrfect Behavior Solutions offers two convenient ways to train and modify your cat’s behavior. We travel to clients in the Phoenix Metro Area, Tucson, and Northern Arizona and also offer on phone and video sessions.

Our phone advice service is great for quick tips and advice to help enrich your pet’s environment, prevent or eliminate unwanted behaviors or instructional how-tos for your cat’s training.

Our video consultation offers the opportunity for us to meet your cat in a virtual setting so that we can observe your cat’s environment and make specific recommendations.

The in-home consultation is best for a thorough evaluation and for one-on-one recommendations and training demonstrations. It is also the best option when changing your cat’s environment or introducing it to a new home or to new pet companions.

Understanding Behavior Modification

Often, a behavioral issue can take time to extinguish based on your cat’s personality, environment, age, and how long the behavior has been allowed to continue which is why a support package is what we recommend to our clients in order to achieve the results you want with our support and advice throughout the process.

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*Northern Arizona and Tucson/Southern Arizona in person consultations are offered on a monthly basis according to my travel schedule.  Travel fees will be added for Northern Arizona & Tucson clients. If you are in need of immediate services please contact me about setting up a phone or skype consultation.

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