Kitten Kindergarten

The best training starts during your cat’s developmental years, we offer our Kitten Kindergarten training program to help you avoid the behavior problems that often arise as your pet matures.

For kittens ages to 7 to 15 weeks, Kitten Kindergarten gets you brand new ball of fluff off to a great start to a lifetime of great interactions and behaviors.

This fun, interactive, and hands-on training prepares both kitten and parent for their new life together. Even if you’ve owned or currently own other animals, the Kitten Kindergarten is a great way to learn new tips and tricks that your pet will appreciate and that will make your life easier.

In the classroom, we’ll cover:

  • Proper handling for pet safety and comfort

  • Correct grooming frequencies and techniques

  • Playtime that helps development

  • Feeding and nutritional guidelines

  • How to enrichment your kitten’s environment for a happier pet

  • Methods to prevent behavior problems

  • How to introduce your kitten to other animals

  • How to properly socialize them to other kittens and humans

Before signing up, please ensure your kitten is current on his vaccinations and is FELV/FIV negative. To learn more about what vaccines your kitten should have and FELV and FIV, please read here.  (link to a description page about this stuff)

Check our events calendar HERE for the next available Kitten Kindergarten Class.

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