Traveling With Your Pet

Many people love to bring their pets on vacations with them and it is important to make the trip safe and comfortable for everyone. Here are 6 great tips for traveling with your pet!

Talk to your vet about calming supplements or medications.

There are many nutraceuticals available to help reduce stress and anxiety with pets as well as medications that may be beneficial. The one medication that I will strongly advise any pet parent against when it is used alone is acepromazine, which will sedate your pet but will not calm their mind to help with any fear and anxiety. Fortunately, many veterinarians are getting away from using this drug by itself and recommending other natural supplements or pharmaceuticals.

Take a test trip.

Often, car rides or getting into the carrier/crate in the car means going to the vet or groomer or some other possibly unpleasant experience. Make the car a positive experience by taking short trips around the block and give your pets some high value treats while in the car. If you are flying, you obviously can’t take a short trip in a plane for practice, but you can make sure your pet loves their carrier that they will be traveling in.

Make sure your pets tags are up to date.

When traveling, the risk of losing a pet greatly increases so it is important to keep your pets microchip and tags up to date. If your pet gets out while you are away from home you will want to make sure whoever finds them is able to contact you quickly and easily.

Bring your pets records.

You never know when you may need proof of vaccinations when traveling either for the airline or hotels so make sure you have a copy or your pets most recent vaccination history and their latest vet visit.

Know where potty stops are.

If you are driving, make sure you have planned a route where you can stop and take your dog out to potty or check on your cat’s litter box frequently. When traveling by car with a cat I recommend setting up a kennel in the back of your vehicle large enough for a small litter box, food, and water. If you are flying with your pet, make sure you know where the pet relief area is at each airport you will be at.

Secure your pet.

If you are traveling by plane make sure you have a carrier that is comfortable for your pet and meets airline requirements. When traveling by car, you can choose to use a harness and seatbelt or a crate or carrier. Make sure the crate or carrier is secured in the car.

Traveling with your furry companion can be a lot of fun, but remember that it can be more stressful on them than it is on you since they don’t the itinerary. Plan ahead to get your pet comfortable traveling and make sure you pack all their necessary food, water, bowls, beds, toys, and medications. Safe and happy travels!

As always, if you need any further help please contact me at [email protected]